Thai Grand Bags Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer of all types of spun-bonded and PP Non-Woven fabric bags.

We offer a complete design and manufacturing service to meet all your needs, using the latest ultrasonic cutting technology. You can be assured that our products are of the highest quality as well as our customer service. Our products are perfect for every need and occasion, giving joy to both the person giving and receiving our products.
Why Choose Thai Grand Bags’ Non-Woven Fabric Bags?

          When considering carrying bags for your products there are three main choices, paper bags, plastic bags and fabric bags. The following advantages of fabric bags should be considered when making your decision.

       1. Shoulder Straps: Our fabric bags can be most easily fitted with shoulder straps. When carrying heavy loads for long duration fabric shoulder straps will be much more comfortable compared to plastic or paper bags less comfortable to use.

       2. Weight Capacity: Our fabric bags are able to support a lot of weight for a long duration without sagging, stretching or deforming. The carrying handle on plastic bags on the other hand can stretch and tear, while paper bags cannot support a lot of weight.

       3. Reusability: Non-woven spun-bond can be reused more times than plastic or paper bags due to its excellent durability. Your bags will be seen repeatedly, providing great exposure and visibility for your brand.

       4. Environmentally Friendly: By being able to be reused many times fabric bags will consume much less resources than paper or plastic bags. Moreover, it also takes little resources to manufacture and does not produce any waste water unlike the manufacturing of paper bags. If disposed fabric bags will also biodegrade within only 1-2 years.

       5. Appearances: Fabric bags can be designed with intricate patterns and details giving a premium no less luxurious than any expensive paper bag.

   comparison table of each bag type



Fabric bags

Plastic Bags

Paper Bags

Shoulder Straps




Weight Capacity


Carrying Handle



1 year400 years1 year


More than 5 times1-2 times0-2 times


3-20 Baht1-10 Baht3-20 Baht

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